Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant

Voted Best New Restaurant - Canada - 2013 - Enroute Magazine

Heirloom Restaurant reflects a dedication to using thoughtfully chosen organic, fairly traded ingredients with a local and world conscious initiative - We make good choices.

Join us for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

We also feature a delicious Weekend Brunch. (9am-4pm)

Happy Hour from 4pm-6pm and 10pm-midnight everyday.

We are open 9am 'til Midnight everyday. 

Reservations recommended.

Call 604.733.2231

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Additional Seasonal Features Available Daily!




Avocado Frits (gf, v) 8.95

deep-fried avocados with polenta rub,

-served with house ketchup


Sharing Platter (gf, v) 12.95

house pickles, Heirloom popcorn and mixed root chips

served with herbed aioli 


 Miso Brasca (gf, v) 13.95

medley of broccoli, cauliflower, kale and pea shoots,

tossed in a miso sauce


Polenta Yam Fries (gf, v) 8.95

polenta yam fries with chipotle soy aioli


Yam Gnocchi (gf, v) 10.95

served on a bed of kale and chard, with mushrooms,

gem tomatoes, topped with pimpkin seed pesto


Dips Plate (gfo, v) 14.95

beet and sunflower tapenade, spiced pesto hummus,

served with naan and crudite


Root Veg Nacho Grande (gf, v)  17.95

taro, yam and beet chips, spicy cheese sauce, pickles,

bean mix, salsa and guacamole


Fennel Mushrooms (v) 13.95

coconut fennel cream, wild and farmed mushrooms,

grilled naan



Salads & Soup

Salads are available in two sizes - Half and Full portions


Kale Caesar (gf, v)     9.95/16.95

organic kale, fried capers, cornbread croutons and cashew parmesan

served with vegan Caesar dressing


All Greens (gf, v)    9.95/16.95

zucchini noodles, spinach, cucumber, fennel, snap peas and pea shoots,

tossed in an avocado-flaxseed oil dressing


Soba Noodle Salad (v)    9.95/16.95

cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, spinach, pea shoots, snap peas and avocado

served with a tamari mirin sauce


Taco Salad (gfo, v)    15.95

quinoa and chickpea salad, with coconut cream and avocado salsa,

served in a tortilla shell, with hints of cocoa, chili and lime


Raw Falafel Salad (gf, v)   9.95/16.95

organic greens, almond falafel, cherry tomatoes,

cucumbers and green peas served with a coconut yoghurt dressing


Daily Soup (v, gf)    9.95

always vegan, always gluten free. Made in-house

and served with toasted sourdough

Side Soup (v, gf)   6.95




Soba Green Curry (v)   19.95

zucchini and soba noodles in a coconut curry sauce,

with seared tofu, sauteed vegetables, crispy onions and chili flakes


Sasquatch Bowl (gf, v)  19.95

a medley of steamed and raw seasonal veggies, chickpea tempeh,

roasted squash and wild rice blend, with a sweet and nutty peanut sauce


Chef Creation (gf, v)  18.95

a daily offering recommended and prepared by a member 

of the Heirloom kitchen team


Pesto Fusilli (gf, v) 19.95

sauteed organic veggies in a pumpkin seed pesto

with gem tomatoes and organic brown rice fusilli 



Smoked Sausage Jambalaya (v) 19.95

creole sauced organic wild rice blend, seasonal veggies,

field roast sausage and chickpea tempeh


West Indian Skillet (gf, v) 19.95

Auntie's bean dahl, topped with squash and kale subji

served with poppadum


Mushroom Mac & Cheese  19.95

sauteed mushrooms and leeks, cheesy béchamel, 

elbow mac, wilted cherry tomatoes


Heirloom Gratin (gf) 19.95

hearty vegetable gratin, baked in cardamom rose, 

topped with cashew parmesan and seasonal vegetables


Burgers & Wraps

Your choice of house bun, wheat wrap, or collard.

 All of our burgers are made in-house and include side salad and chips


Heirloom Burger (gfo, vo)  19.95

Heirloom's veggie patty, organic swiss, heirloom tomato, mixed mushrooms,

leaf lettuce and house bun

served with chutney and chipotle soy aioli


Bacon Cheeseburger (gfo, vo)  19.95

Heirloom's veggie patty, organic swiss, beet bacon, leaf lettuce, 

crispy tempura onions and house bun

served with house ketchup and house pickle


Mexi Wrap (gfo, v)  19.95

crispy veggie strips, chipotle aioli, with pickled jalapenos,

guacamole, salsa and leaf lettuce


Chickpea Tempeh Caesar Wrap (gfo, v) 19.95

house tempeh, smothered in caesar sauce, with romain,

kale, red onion and cherry tomatoes





Chocolate Mint Cream Cake 9.95 (v, gf)

Served on a pecan crust with Heirloom's

signature chocolate sauce


Honey Lemon and Vanilla Cloud Cake 9.95 (df, gf) 

Served on a toasted hazelnut crust with a

lemon-poppyseed sauce, candied ginger and hazelnuts


Dark Chocolate Cake 9.95 (v)

Layered with banana, chocolate ganache,

cashew cream and pistachios 


Although we do our very best, please be aware that our gluten free items and nut free items are not prepared in an exclusively gluten, or nut free kitchen.
 - We make good choices -


- know your food -