Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant

Voted Best New Restaurant - Canada - 2013 - Enroute Magazine

Heirloom Restaurant reflects a dedication to using thoughtfully chosen organic, fairly traded ingredients with a local and world conscious initiative - We make good choices.

Join us for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

We also feature a delicious Weekend Brunch.

Open from 9am 'til Midnight everyday.

Reservations recommended.


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Additional Seasonal Features Available Daily!




Avocado Frites (gf, v) 12.95

deep-fried avocados with polenta rub,

served with house ketchup


Primo Bites (gf, v) 8.95

pico de gallo, guacamole, crispy tortilla chips


 Shoots and Sprouts (gf, v) 13.95

local pea shoots and fried Brussel sprouts sautéed

in sesame miso sauce


Polenta Yam Fries (gf, vo) 12.95

polenta yam fries with chipotle aioli


Gnocchi Beets 13.95

gnocchi with marinara sauce, grana padano,

braised beets, roasted pine nuts, basil and olive oil


Agedashi Tofu (gf, v) 13.95

deep-fried organic tofu, mushrooms 

and pea shoots in a sweet chill sauce


Nachos (gf)  16.95

corn tortillas, mixed cheddar, olives,

pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos, guacamole


Fennel Mushrooms (v, gfo) 13.95

coconut fennel cream, cauliflower, grilled naan


The Dips and Cheese Plate 15.95

market selection cheeses (2) with hummus, tomato

olive tapenade and crostinis. Served with a selection of crudités

Add Sommelier Wine Pairing 29.95

2 (6oz) glasses of red or white wine recommended by Heirloom's Sommelier


Salads & Soup

Salads are available in two sizes - as a side or larger for sharing


Kale Caesar (v, gfo)     9.95/16.95

organic kale, capers, house croutons,

cashew parmesan - vegan Caesar dressing


Heirloom Rocket Salad (gf)     9.95/16.95

deep-fried breaded havarti cheese,

arugula, red onions, cherry tomatoes - lemon vinaigrette


Quinoa Greens (gf, v)    9.95/16.95

organic fresh greens, organic quinoa, 

chickpeas and avocado -  yuzu kasu vinaigrette


Roast Artisan Salad (gf, v)    9.95/16.95

roasted pears & beets, organic lettuce, shaved

fennel, toasted pecans. Served chilled - orange blossom vinaigrette


Taco Salad (gfo, v)    16.95

black beans, organic quinoa, red onions and corn with cilantro 

in a whole-wheat tortilla bowl - chilli lime vinaigrette


Raw Falafel Salad (gf, v)   9.95/16.95

organic greens, almond falafel, cherry tomatoes,

cucumbers and green peas with black sesame - coconut yoghurt dressing


Daily Soup (v, gf)    9.95

always vegan, always gluten free. Made in-house

and served with toasted sourdough

Side Soup (v, gf)   6.95


Pasta & Rice


Thai Curry (gf, v)   17.95

coconut curry sauce, rice noodles, seared tofu and

sauteed vegetables with green onions, crispy leeks and chill flakes


Indian Curry (gf, v)  17.95

tumeric curry sauce with mixed rice, chickpeas, 

broccolini and cauliflower with chilli flakes, cilantro and crispy leeks


Deconstructed Avocado Roll (gf, v)  16.95

wild rice blend, avocado, house kimchi

topped with nori strips and wasabi peas


Staff Stirfry (gf, v)  16.95

a daily offering recommended and prepared by a member 

of the Heirloom kitchen team


Pesto Fusilli (gf, v) 17.95

sauteed vegetables in a pumpkin seed pesto, wilted 

tomatoes, brown rice fusilli 



Sausage Paella (v, gf) 18.95

house sausage, tomato rice paella,

sautéed seasonal vegetables


Heirloom Skillet (gf, v) 18.95

sauteed vegetables, curry mirepoix

lentils, papadum


Mushroom Mac 18.95

sauteed mushrooms and leeks, cheesy béchamel, 

elbow mac, wilted cherry tomatoes, celery leaves


Zucchini Gratin (gf) 18.95

baked eggplants, potato zucchini gratin, 

miso cheese sauce, crispy leeks



All of our burgers include

a salad with a side of frites or tempura


Heirloom Burger (vo)  19.95

tempeh patty with portobello mushrooms, Swiss

cheese, chutney,  chipotle aioli, butter lettuce, tomatoes and 

crispy leeks on a house bun - served with side salad and a beet pickle


Mexi Burger (v)  19.95

smokey blackbean patty, chipotle mayo, pickled jalapeños 

sliced avocado, butter lettuce and pico de galo - served with

side salad and a beet pickle


Blackbean Burger (v)  19.95

smoky blackbean patty on a maple glazed bun with

grilled apple, almond cheese and house ketchup - served

with side salad and a beet pickle


Kimchi Burger (v) 19.95

tempeh patty served with cucumbers, almond cheese

and butter lettuce - served with side salad and a beet pickle





Mocha Cloud Cake 9.00 (v, gf)

creamy espresso and dark chocolate on a crumbly pecan crust,

rich chocolate sauce


Vanilla and Pomegranate Cloud 9.00 (v, gf) 

rich vanilla cake with bursts of pomegranate, toasted 

almond crust


Sticky Date and Molasses Cake 9.00 (v, gf)

sweet, spicy cake topped with maple glazed pecans, 

roasted pear, cashew cream


Heirloom uses organic ingredients; we support a living local economy and a globally conscious initiative - We make good choices -
Although we do our very best, please be aware that our gluten free items and nut free items are not prepared in an exclusively gluten, or nut free kitchen.


- grow your food -

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